How to play a Trivia contest

1. Go to the Ricotta app on Webex

2. You will see a message with multiple options

To display this message, simply type @Ricotta Hello and press enter.

3. Click on Trivia

4. Select your desired category from the list

5. Select the contest end time

6. Simply select after how long you want the contest to run for

7. Click on Create Contest

8. Next, a trivia quiz will be posted

9. Click on 🏆 Start playing to begin

10. Head over to the Ricotta Direct Space by clicking on Ricotta Games Trivia and Icebreakers space

11. Select the correct option out of the four options

12. You will instantly be shown if your answer is correct or wrong

13. Once you finish the quiz, you will be able to see the final score. The Top 3 scores will appear in the real-time leaderboard after the contest ends.

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