How to check your team's engagement scores

1. Type @Ricotta hello in the team channel you want to check the engagement scores for

2. Click on More

3. Next, click on Engagement Score

4. Your team's overall as well as game-wise engagement scores will be posted

1. What is Workspace Engagement Score?

Workspace Engagement Score measures the frequency of the games played and the number of users who participated in the game or trivia. The higher the Workspace Engagement Score, the more the engagement, bonding and fun at your workplace!

2. How is the Workspace Engagement Score calculated?

The scores are calculated on a point basis. The points increase as the number of games played and participants increase.

For example: If 20 people in your workspace complete a Trivia contest, your score increases by 20 points, since 20 users were engaged. The more Games and Trivia your workspace users play, the higher your Workspace Engagement Score.

3. How can you improve your Workspace Engagement Score?

  1. Let your workspace members know about Ricotta Games and Trivia and encourage them to use it

  2. Post Icebreakers and Social Games often on public channels.

  3. Auto-Schedule Trivia and Photo Quiz, several times a week.

  4. Keep posting the Overall Trivia leaderboard on a public channel

  5. Reward winners of Trivia Contests or Social Games with gift vouchers, a free coffee or a free lunch.

  6. Encourage your team to participate in the weekly trivia contests every Wednesday.

  7. Set a schedule for Word of The Day. For maximum engagement, you can set it to 'daily' at a particular time.

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