How to play Word of The Day

1. Go to the auto-posted game in the channel and click on 'Start Playing'

2. Next go to the chat notification

3. A game of Word of The Day will be posted

4. Enter the guessed letter in the box and click on Guess

Rules of the game:

  • Guess the Word of the Day by entering 5-letter words in the box and press enter.

  • After every attempt as you enter the word, you will see the letters change the color to green, red or default color.

  • ✔ &/or Green: The letter is present in the word & placed at the right spot

  • ⏳ &/or Red: The letter is present in the word, but placed at the wrong spot

  • No Emoji &/or Default color: The letter is not present in the word.

  • You have a total of 5 attempts. Try to guess the word in as little attempts as possible to get a higher score.

  • When the entire row turns green, it means you have guessed the word successfully!

5. You will get instant feedback about your Guess

6. Keep guessing the word within 5 attempts

7. Once you guess the word correctly, you will see your final score and it will also reflect in the channel's leaderboard

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