How to add task assignees in a channel

1. Head over to the channel or DM and type /Todoadd

2. Press enter and type in the Task list name

3. Next add the task details

4. Next go to 'Select Todo List Assignee'

Assignees mean the persons that are responsible for carrying out the task. These can be any users of your Slack workspace. Assignees will be able to view and edit their assigned tasks in the Ricotta app home tab.

5. Select assignees for your task

6. You can select multiple assignees for a task

Only you and the assignees will be able to edit tasks in a Slack channel. Others in the channel will only be able to view the list and see updates.

7. Click on Submit

8. Click on View todo list in channel

9. You will be able to see the assignees on the channel

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