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    A trivia quiz that I did not schedule got posted on our Slack channel. Why is that?
The trivia quiz that would have got posted automatically is the Weekly Trivia contest that is posted every Wednesday automatically.
2. How do I schedule games for different time zones?
You can go to 'Edit Settings' in the app Home tab and change your default time zone. You can then schedule games by clicking on the 'Schedule Games' button.
Even if the default time zone is changed, the scheduled game will still be in the time zone first selected. For example, if you set the time zone as IST and schedule a game and the default time zone is later changed to PST, your scheduled game will still be in IST. Schedules will remain unaffected by the default time zone.
3. How do I switch to Word of The Day to color blind-friendly mode?
When playing the game, one can click on the button that says 'Switch to Color Friendly mode'. Once a user clicks on that button, they can easily switch to the color color-blind-friendly version.
Please note: The option to change to color blind mode shows up before you start playing the game (before you enter the first word).
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