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How to get started with Ricotta Todos
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    What is the shortcut for creating a task in a channel or a DM?
You can use /TodoAdd followed by the task list name to create a task in a Slack channel or DM. 2. Who will be able to view my tasks?
The tasks that you create on your Home page cannot be viewed by anyone else, unless shared in a channel or a DM. To create shared tasks, you can head over to the channel or DM and type /TodoAdd with the task list name.
3. Who will be able to edit my tasks?
Only you and the assignees can edit tasks. The task list will also show up in the assignees' app home tab.
4. Who all can edit tasks that I create in a Slack channel?
Only you and the assignees will be able to edit tasks in a Slack channel. Others in the channel will only be able to view the list and see updates.
5. Can I live edit my task lists in real-time?
Yes, you can. Your edits and updates will show up in the Home tab of the Ricotta app as well as in the shared channel or DM. In a channel and app home tab, a task list is updated automatically.
Click on ‘Sync Todo list’ button above the shared todo list in the DM to update the task list to the newest version.
6. What is the difference between Shared Todos and Team Todos?
Shared Todos are the Todo lists that are shared with a person via DM. Only the assignees and the person with whom the Todo list is shared can see the Todo list.
On the other hand, team todos are shared in a Slack channel. Everyone in the channel and the assignees can see the Todo list.
7. How do I view all my Todos lists that are shared in a channel?
Simply go to the channel and type /TodoList and press enter. You can then select which Todo list you would like to view from the drop-down menu.
8. Why do my shared todos via DM not sync automatically?
Shared Todos (Todos that are shared via DM) are not synced automatically. Click on the Sync Todos button to update the Todo list to the latest version.
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