How to play Word Building

1. On the Ricotta Home page, click on Word Building

2. Select your game mode - timed or untimed

The timed mode has a timer and has to be played together. The asynchronous or untimed mode does not have a timer and can be played at your own pace.

3. Select your preferred channel to post in

4. Select your preferred language

5. Click on Submit

6. Click on Start playing

7. Join a team of your choice - Team Broccoli or Team Doughnut

8. Once all the players have joined, click on Start Game

Only the host of the game can start the game once players have joined. Minimum two players are required to start the game.

9. Type in the words in the box and press 'enter' to submit

10. You will be able to see how many words you have got right

11. Once the timer ends and both teams have played, the winner will be declared!

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