How to create a todo list in a Slack DM

1. Head over to the DM and type /Todoadd

2. Type in the Todo list name and press enter

3. Next, you will see the Todo list name and an option to set assignees

4. Select assignees for your task

Assignees mean the persons that are responsible for carrying out the task. These can be any users of your Slack workspace. Assignees will be able to view and edit their assigned tasks in the Ricotta app home tab.

5. Click on Create

6. Next, you can start adding Todo items to your Todo list

To add an item with a due date, you can use /due after the Todo item. For example: "Create a new landing page /due 9-May-2022"

7. To add a more detailed Todo item, click on More options

8. Click on Add item and description

9. Next, you can give a name to the Todo item

10. You can also add details to the todo

11. Next, you can select the Due Date of the task

Due date means the date on which the task is due. This is optional.

12. You can also set a reminder for the task

13. Simply set a time and date as a reminder

You will receive a smart notification via the app 'Messages' tab right in Slack.

14. Click on Submit

15. Click on Done

16. Your todo list can be edit and, deleted or marked as complete

17. Click on Ricotta Todo List

18. You will be able to see the Todo list on your app home tab

Only the assignees and the person with whom the Todo list is shared can see the Todo list in their Home tab

19. You can update the task list on the Home tab

20. Next, head back to the DM

21. The todo list will not be synced automatically

Shared Todos (Todos that are shared via DM) are not synced automatically. Click on the Sync Todos button to update the Todo list to the latest version.

22. To sync the Todo list, click on Sync Todo List

23. The Todo list will be updated to the latest version

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