Adding team and individual OKRs

Step 1: To add team OKRs, go to the 'Main Menu' in the messages tab and click on 'Team OKRs', 'View OKRs' of your team and then click on the 'Add Team Objective' button

To add individual OKRs, click on 'Individual OKRs' option in the Main Menu instead

Step 2: Enter Objective name, select owner, alignment and start and end dates. Click on 'Submit' to add the team objective.

Team Objectives can be aligned to Company Objectives and Individual Objectives can be aligned to either Company or Team Objectives.

If you don't wish to align your team or individual objective, select 'None' option

Step 3: To add a Key Result for a particular Objective, click on 'Show Key Results' and 'Add Key Result'. In the pop-up, enter Key Result name, select owner and start and end dates.

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