Adding Company OKRs

Step 1: Once you complete configuring teams, you will see a 'Main Menu' option in Ricotta's messages tab. Click on 'Company OKRs' and then click on the 'Add Company Objective' button
Main Menu of Ricotta
Company OKR menu
Step 2: Enter Objective name, select owner and start and end dates. Click on 'Submit' to add the company objective.
Only users who have signed up for Ricotta can be added selected as an OKR owner. Request your team to sign up for Ricotta in order to add them as OKR owners.
Adding a Company Objective
Company OKRs menu
Step 3: To add a Company Key Result for a particular Company Objective, click on 'Show Key Results' and 'Add Key Result'. In the pop-up, enter Key Result name, select owner and start and end dates.
Selected Company Objective
Adding a Company Key Result
Key Results of selected Company Objective