How to play Secret Santa - Kudos (Holiday edition)

1. On the Ricotta Home page, click on Secret Santa - Kudos

2. You will see a pop-up with the instructions and some options

3. First, select your preferred channel to post in

4. Select the participants (minimum 3)

5. Next, select the end date and time for sending Kudos

6. Similarly, select an end date and time for guessing the Secret Santa.

Make sure that your 'Guess Your Secret Santa' end time is more than the time for 'Send Kudos'.

For example, if your Kudos end time is 9 AM PST, please select your Secret Santa end time as 9:30 AM PST to give your co-workers time to guess.

7. Click on Start

8. Click on Start Playing

9. Read the steps and simply click on Start Playing

10. We will DM you with the Secret Santa details

11. Click on Say Something Nice!

12. Write an appreciation message.

The message will be sent privately to your co-worker and will not be posted on the channel.

13. Click on Submit

14. Next, you will be prompted to guess who you your Secret Santa is via DM

15. Take a guess and click on Submit!

16. Next, the final results will be declared on the channel.

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