Creating a Custom Trivia Quiz

1. Click on More options

Step 1 screenshot

2. Click on Custom Trivia

Step 2 screenshot

3. Select the channel you wish to post the Contest in

Step 3 screenshot

4. Give your contest a name

5. Click on Contest end date

Step 5 screenshot

6. You can set your contest end date and time

Step 6 screenshot

7. You can also select the number of questions

Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on Next

Step 8 screenshot

9. Create your own custom trivia with Questions and 4 MCQ options

Step 9 screenshot

10. You can then choose the correct option for each question.

Step 10 screenshot

11. Click on Submit

Step 11 screenshot

12. Click on Done

Step 12 screenshot

13. Go to the channel in which the quiz is posted

Step 13 screenshot

14. Click on Take the contest

Step 14 screenshot

15. You will see a pop up with all the questions and you can take the quiz. Simple!

Step 15 screenshot