How to create a Team task in a Slack channel

1. Head over to the channel you want to create the list in and type /TodoAdd

2. Use /TodoAdd followed by your Todo List name

3. Once you press enter, a dialogue box will appear

4. You can then select the type of Todo list that you want to create

You can create a Team Task List, Personal Todos List or a shared Todo list (in a DM)

5. The channel you are currently in will be chosen by default

If you select another channel, the task list will get posted there instead

6. Select assignees for your task

Assignees mean the persons that are responsible for carrying out the task. These can be any users of your Slack workspace. Assignees will be able to view and edit their assigned tasks in the Ricotta app home tab.

7. Click on Submit to create the task list in the channel

8. Click on View todo list in channel

9. To enter a todo item, you can simply enter the todo in the box and press enter

10. To create a more detailed todo, click on More items

11. Select Add Item & description

12. Add a todo item and a description for the task

13. Next, you can select the Due Date of the task

Due date means the date on which the task is due. This is optional.

14. You can also set a reminder for the task

15. Simply set a time and date as a reminder

You will receive a smart notification via the app 'Messages' tab right in Slack.

16. Click on Submit

17. Click on Done

18. Your todo list can be edited, deleted or marked as complete

19. You and the assignees will be able to view the task list in the Ricotta app Home page

The edits and updates will show up automatically on the channel. Ricotta Todos comes with real-time editing of the tasks.

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