How to play Hangman

1. Go to the channel on which you wish to play and enter @Ricotta hello

2. You will see all the game options

3. Click on Hangman

4. Next, set your contest end time

This means for how long your coworkers will be able to submit their answers. Our game format is asynchronous which means everyone can play at their own pace.

5. Click on Create Hangman Contest

6. A Hangman contest will instantly be posted

7. Click on Start Playing

8. Head to the direct chat

9. To play a game of Hangman, look at the category and length of the word

10. Next, start entering your guessed letter in the dialogue box and click on Enter

11. You will be able to see which letters have been guessed correctly and which are incorrect

12. You can keep guessing the word by entering letters. You will have ten tries.

13. A final score out of ten will be shown once you complete the game

14. You can head back to the channel to see the real-time leaderboard

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